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Earth Day Freebies and Sales!

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I’ts Earth Day, which I guess is a special thing, but for us it means a lot of great deals!  This is going to take a plan, excuted perfectly you should have a blast and rack up.

First gather what you need before leaving:

  1. Empty Color or Black ink cartridge
  2. Clean & Empty Travel Coffee Mug
  3. (6) Empty Soda Bottles or Cans
  4. Empty or mostly used bottle of face wash

Since I don’t know the layout of your town this is my plan:

  • Drop ink cartridges by Walgreens for $1 color and black refills!
  • Head to Books A Million, fill my new Babies R Us Bag will books and get 20% off everything
    • Drink my free coffee
    • Contemplate where to plant my free seeds

If you have extra energy you can also:


More free light bulbs (plus overage)…from Target!
April 20, 2010, 7:14 pm
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I guess once you start getting free stuff from couponing…you are addicted. I becomes a game. A hunt for the best deal. Well, I am no pro…yet…but I am learning and am loving the deals I’m finding. This deal today is from Target. All of Target’s GE Smart light bulbs are on sale. It’s for Earth Day. So, the single pack is $2.69 right now. Target has a coupon for $2 off any GE Smart bulb. You can find it on my post from yesterday. You can print out as many coupons as you want, I think. I’ve printed off 4 so far and it hasn’t called in the coupon police :). GE also has a coupon out for $2 off any Smart light bulb. Bingo…you just made $1.31 in your pocket. Ok, here’s the catch…Target won’t pay you any money they owe you, so you gotta get something else worth the overage. Also, if you already printed out the GE Smart coupon for $2 twice, then you are done. You can’t print more than 2. But, GE also has another $1 off coupon so you can use that instead ( This is what I had to do because yesterday I used the $2 GE coupons at Publix. I might have to get some more tomorrow but I promise not to blog about light bulbs anymore!