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Reusable Swim Diapers
April 18, 2010, 12:51 am
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Summer is coming up and I have always been a beach/pool kind of gal. So, my daughter is also going to have to tag along, which I’m sure she won’t mind, but those disposable swim diapers are just so annoying. First off, the sizing doesn’t start till like 15lbs. Second, they sag when they get really wet. Third, they don’t contain the poop (if poop happens to happen). This is the reason why many public pools are mandating the use of non-disposable swim diapers.  And, lastly, they are just ugly. Oh wait, and also they are ridiculously expensive on top of all that! 

So, why not get adorable, reusable ones! I found these at our PX, but you can get them at a lot of  baby stores right now. This brand is iPlay and I hear great things about them. At $6.99 each I will definitely get my moneys worth. I bought 2 so when we go somewhere I will bring the extra just in case she does poop. And, also, these have an absorbant layer for pee if you are out of the water. Alot of other ones don’t have this and the pee leaks everywhere. So, for the car ride to the beach or pool, you should be safe! When you are in the water you don’t have to worry about the pee cause it magically disappears! hehe

Ok, enough talk…here they are:


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Super cute! Where did you buy them, I think I would totally pick some up for baby J! A great idea 🙂

Comment by Amber

I got these on our post…but I have seen them around in other places. I think I saw them at BRU the other day…BUT, do not get the Kushie brand. Well, you can get them 🙂 but I wanna warn you that they don’t have the absorbant layer for when you are not in the water. The pee just goes everywhere. So, if you don’t mind that then they might work for you. Just look for the brand iPlay…they should be there.

Comment by frackie

Oh my goodness, those are so precious! I love the little bows.

Comment by Cindyhoo2

Thank you! I can’t wait to see her ruffle butt in them 🙂

Comment by frackie

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