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What about the poop?
April 10, 2010, 2:07 pm
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I think this is the most common question a cloth diapering momma gets to answer. Poop is poop. It doesn’t matter if you have to deal with poop in disposables or cloth diapers. Yes, there is an extra step you have to take with a baby in cloth diapers. I wish I would of started cloth diapering when Arianna was still exclusively breastfed because it’s much easier. All you have to do is change the diaper and throw the poop and all into a dry pail. Breastfed poo just disinegrates in water so you don’t even have to worry about rinsing it at all.

But, with toddler poop it’s a little different. You have a few options. You can get a hose that attaches to your toilet and can easily rinse the poop off, buy a liner (looks like a fabric softener sheet) that catches the poop and then just gets thrown in the toilet, or you can just shake and dip it off. The later option is what I am currently doing. I find it relatively easy because “most” the time toddler poop is solid and comes right off…especially with our bumGenius’. But, sometimes you do have to shake and dunk. So far, this is working and I haven’t had any stains in 2 weeks. See, not too hard, especially when I remember the money I’m saving!



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